Autopsia coming full circle - dance became video became music and text, will become...

Documentations (in writing) of documentations (on video) were revived through new music.

A sound recording remains, thus a potential for the infinite cycle of rewriting and documentation to continue. And in the afterlife of Autopsia lies a potential of continuing the cycle of perceptual rewritings.

Throughout the Autopsia program series, documentation has been explored through the expressions and media of performance, video, writing, and music. At the first three shows video works documenting dance, choreography and performances were the point of departure for the new music that was performed live. Each of these shows were captured in text which acted as testimonies of selected writers’ encounters of Autopsia #1, #2, and #3. The three written documents became the foundation of the musical interpretations that were performed at the last show, #4. Thus the experiential remains, accumulated from the program itself, rounded off the series of artistic interpretations and documentations.