...exposes remains of dance, choreography,
and performance art; artforms generally envisaged
to be experienced in the presence of the performance

...approaches documentation of live arts through
the medium of video and as the impossible task to
present a physical reality that has already passed in time

...dissects aesthetic expressions and idioms of video works
to investigate how the visual remains of video documentation
may become independent works on their own merits while still
containing an expression of the initial performance

...seeks to activate video documentation of live arts through
musical interpretation so a new symbiotic and sensuous
context comes into existence

In a program series consisting of four events the interplay
between selected choreography-based video works and context
based sound performances explores the potential and constraints
of video documentation. Examining methods of documentation
raises questions of authenticity and representation.
With performance art, dance and choreography at the centre,
participating video and sound artists contribute to exploring
these methods as well as their results.




Kunsten.nu: Ny kuratorduo folder sig ud på Jazzhouse.

Politiken:Populær tværkunstnerisk festaften runder af med musik og poesi på Jazzhouse.

CPH:DOX: Videodokumentation af dans og performance tilført ny live-lyd.

Seismograf: Avantgarde-rock, frenchcore og kompositorisk saxofonspil møder videoværker af lokale og internationale dansere og performancekunstnere.

IDOART.DK: Når dokumentationen vækkes til live.

PassiveAggressive: Autopsia - Kroppens iscenesættelse.

Blacklisted: Presents: Skin, the vulnerable body, and manners of walking.


Curated and initiated by Klara Utke Acs and Cecilie Jørck

Production and curatorial assistance by Angela Adeix & Natalia Ciepel

Design by Sara Laub

Graphics by Ann Linn Palm Hansen

Thanks to Jazzhouse, MDT, Posh Isolation

Autopsia is supported by